Natural fertilizer and soil-former.


RUOTR LLC is the company, which specializes on selling eco-friendly, organic and mineral soil-former based on sapropel and peat (turf).

The company was established in 2010. The main purpose of RUOTR LLC is to become the largest company in CIS and Europe on supplying soil-formers and friendly fertilizers based on sapropel, composite/complex organic and mineral fertilizers and soil-formers, which are used for all types of agricultural crops and decorative plants.

The technologies of our production based on implement for excavation and processing natural organic and mineral matters (sapropels, peat) into environmentally friendly organic fertilizers and soil formers according to the world standards of quality.

Our company will be a reliable supplier of large quantities effective organic soil-formers, also We guarantee comprehensive approach to solve problems of getting eco-friendly crops, soil rehabilitation, fertility restoration and enhancement.